Text Box: Warrior Paintball Range
I the undersigned hereby accept the risks inherent in playing paint-ball on behalf of myself or any members of my family playing or watching paint-ball. I understand that paint-ball can be a dangerous game which can expose one to a variety of injuries. I understand that the aim of the game is to shoot other players and that pain and bruising will inevitably result. I agree that the organisers and other persons shall be indemnified against any claims which I or my family members may have against them for damage to our property or injury to us whilst on the premises. I also indemnify any of the other players playing with us or on the premises, even if they or ourselves are not involved in a game at the time of injury or damage. I understand that by the nature of the game that our adrenaline levels and heart beat will be raised to a level of extreme excitement. I confirm that this indemnity is irrevocable and binding on myself my family and our estates. I also consent that the organisers may act on our behalf and authorise them, should they in their exclusive discretion deem it to be necessary, to procure medical or other assistance on my or on my family members behalf, at my expense, including emergency treatment and emergency evacuation should they deem it necessary.

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