Safety is our top concern!

The following rules and guidelines are for the safety of all persons playing/viewing all of our games and must be adhered to at all times. There is one rule that is of paramount importance: DO NOT LIFT YOUR MASK. The rest of the rules may seem to be common sense, but are easy to forget, especially during the course of a game or in the height of a battle. Take note:

During the game or in an “unsafe” area-


At All Times-

Listen to the marshal - He is there for your safety as well as your opponent’s, as well as the spectators.

If a player submits - STOP Firing at him.

Observe the minimum distance rule - Depending on the age of the players playing, a minimum distance will be set before the game-no shooting at one another if you are within the minimum distance.

Do not intentionally shoot at a marshal.

Do not intentionally shoot at spectators, whether they are behind the nets or not.

Do not use the safety nets for cover while playing.

No shooting until the game is started.

When the game ends - STOP Firing, even if you have no ammo.

Barrels are to be plugged until you reach the playing area.

When leaving the game, plug your barrel and then rack your gun.

No barrel plugs are to be removed in the staging area.

No guns may be charged with gas or paint in the safe area.

Stay within the field boundaries.

We operate on a First and Last warning system - You get one warning for an infringement and then you are removed from the games for any form of unsafe conduct. This is a serious sport that requires constant awareness for your own safety and for the safety of others. Marshals are aged from 14 to 60 years, please listen to them! They have played/been involved in more games per week than the casual player sees in a year!

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