Under normal conditions there are  markers for both the range and for parking as well as signage. We remove all of these except the nets and parking demarcation to prevent environmental damage and danger to animals and wildlife. All of the materials left on the range after play are bio-degradable and enviro-friendly. We take pride in the setting that we use and all litter is picked up immediately after the day ends.  Within 7 days of any game there is very little evidence of human intrusion on the natural vegetation. To maintain player safety, the play area is checked for possible danger before each day.

The play area changes from day to day to prevent an “over-grazing” type scenario. This allows the vegetation to recuperate between functions, allowing for maximum fun with  minimal environmental damage. We take advice from those that know best about conservation and we continually strive to improve the natural vegetation by removing invasive species wherever possible.

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Day View

Eve View

Nets View